Mace Wireless Home Security System

The mace wireless home security system is an effective solution for small to medium sized houses, and if needed, can be expanded with additional modules for larger homes and/or additional security.

At ~$100, the price is a bargain for the security system you are getting. The Mace wireless home security system package comes with a single control unit with an AC adapter, single motion detector sensor, single door/window alarm sensor and a remote control. The package also includes a detailed instructional DVD, making it very easy to install and operate this DIY home security system. In fact, all the components are so self-explanatory that you could set the whole thing up without even consulting the manual. This is obviously great for the not so technically inclined and it saves you additional installation costs due to not having to consult a home security company like some of the other security systems require.


The control unit has a built-in phone call unit, which will dial up to 5 preset numbers you entered within 9 seconds after any of the alarms or motion detector are triggered. The range of sensors is remarkable for such a budget system. They will be fully functional even after being placed behind several walls from the main control unit. False alarms are almost non-existent. However, if you have house pets you will need find a way to setup the motion detector in a place where your house pets will not trigger it. The window/door alarm sensor can be effortlessly configured, upon connecting the additional modules with the existing one, to maintain multiple wired magnetic sensors.

A welcome feature that comes with the main control unit in the Mace wireless home security system, is the ability to call the control unit and disarm it using your cell phone. This is obviously handy for those times when you forget to bring the remote control with you. Not only that, but it allows your family members to disarm the alarm without having to buy additional remote controls – a shortcoming of many other budget home alarm systems. The control unit also keeps a brief record of information on the 5 previous times that it was triggered, including the date, time and the exact module that was triggered. Another great feature of the control unit is its ability to monitor the battery levels on all the sensors and alert your attention to that as necessary.

Mace Wireless Home Security System – Final remarks


The only slightly negative remark about Mace wireless home security system has to do with the siren. While it will certainly scare any potential intruders, it does not seem to travel very far. If you are installing this in a house that is quite some distance away from any neighbors, then you should look into purchasing the additional external speaker unit, which will cost you around $30. You will also need to install the main control unit near a bookcase or a cupboard of sorts in order to hide the power and phone cords behind them, as the control unit has them exposed – a minor tradeoff for an otherwise solid budget home alarm system.

All in all the Mace wireless home security system is a great budget home security alarm solution for all but the biggest and highest risk homes. For additional options check out our cheap home security systems and home security installation articles.