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The Safest Way to Watch Movies

There’s nothing better then at the end of a long work day to watch a movie at night.  When I was a teenager and early adult I didn’t care about what kind of a movie I watched, what language it had in it and if it had some bad scenes.  Now that I have my own kids though the rules have changed and I am alot more hesitant about what I put up on the TV.  Because this is a home security blog I figured that my readers should care about the safety of their TV and what their kids see.

Sure you have heard of video services like Netflix, Redbox and Vudu.  You can rent movies online and stream them quickly or go to a local mart and pick up a Redbox.  What alot of people don’t know about is the uprising streaming service of Vidangel that allows you to edit and control the movie.  Lets talk more about that in detail below.

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Vidangel – The smart alternative to watching movies

Here is my review of VidAngel with lots of information taken from  First of all, you can cut right to the start of the movie!  This is great news and instead of being forced (sometimes) to watch countless previews you can go right to the opening credits of the movie.  You can even cut out the company logo introductions.

How well does it work?  It is amazing!  You can mute any set of swear words you want.  Some movies have up to 300 F* bombs that you can put to silence.  Now you can watch movies and shows with a peace of mind your kids aren’t going to hear something bad.

Do I recommend every movie on this?

No, just because you can clip out the bad parts doesn’t mean it is all of sudden okay to put your family in front of any movie.  Typically a good rule of thumb is if it has more than 100 filters it is still going to be a bad movie when you watch it.  That or you will cut out so much of the movie you won’t get to see hardly any of it!

In closing, I would encourage my readers to take caution of the safety of what is on their TV.  There is a rising number of bad shows and movies and thank goodness there is a new alternative out there called VidAngel that lets us control what comes through.

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