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Vivint Inc. can be considered as one of the largest home security and home automation companies that you can find in North America. At the moment, they offer security solutions to more than one million customers. The company received a lot of attention during the past few years because they made several improvements in their equipment selection and customer support service.

About the company


Vivint Inc. was initially called as APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc. The company was rebranded during 2011 with the objective of getting a fresh start and the name was changed to Vivint. In fact, APX was one of the most criticized home security service providers at that time. In fact, some individuals took legal action against the company as well. The company got back into the correct track in 2011 and they were able to establish a solid customer base under the new name. In fact, most of the Vivint customers are satisfied with the service that receive. This has helped them to become one of the largest home security monitoring companies in United States.

Vivint home security system

The Vivint home security system is professionally installed and you don’t need to worry about anything. Therefore, you don’t need to go through the hassle of installing the system on your own. The professional installers will come to your home at a pre-scheduled time and take care of the entire installation process. They will analyze your home and recommend the additional equipment that you should purchase to strengthen the home security.

The home security system offered by Vivint is 100% cellular and 100% wireless. Therefore, you will be able to move the equipment around your home without any difficulty. The installers will not drill any holes in your walls and ruin them. The 100% cellular system has enhanced its safety because the landline connection can fail when wires are cut. You will not have to worry about such issues thanks to Vivint.

The Vivint home security system comes along with excellent communication capabilities. Therefore, users will be able to control home appliances, temperature and lighting through the security system. You can access this functionality through your mobile device or web portal. did Vivint smart home reviews and shows the possibilities of what their smart security can offer.  Users are also provided with schedule automation functionalities. It can be used to turn off your lights and turn them on back at a scheduled time. It is even possible to implement event triggered automation according to your specific needs and requirements.

The home security system offered by Vivint comes along with a motion detector, window or three door sensors, a touchscreen panel and a sign and key fob to put in your yard so that you can stay away from home intruders. This setup is more than enough to offer 100% protection to an average home. If you need more protection, you can think of going for their additional services at an extra cost. For example, you can purchase additional door and window sensors according to your requirements. In addition, they offer many other types of sensors such as carbon monoxide sensors, glass break sensors and smoke detectors. Vivint also has sensors for freezing and flooding. However, they do not offer natural gas alert sensors. You don’t need to worry about the durability of these products as they are manufactured by 2GIG, which has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by developing high quality electronic products. They also offer flexible relocation services.

Internal monitoring

The internal monitoring services offered by Vivint have contributed a lot towards their popularity. In fact, they try their best to offer a transparent service to the customers. They remain committed towards your service and you will get the opportunity to keep peace of mind. You just need to make the subscription fee and remain as a loyal customer.

Home security system that focuses on modern design

modern home

The home security system that is offered by Vivint comes along with a modern design. You will be able to see it from their website, web portal interface, mobile portal interface and keypad. They have understood the requirements of customers and have taken necessary measures to offer a quality service accordingly. They know that customers do not prefer to get bulky security equipment as they can clutter up the house. Therefore, all the detectors, sensors and keypads come with compact dimensions and they do not have the potential to cause any impact on the ambience of your home.

Vivint and Innovation

Vivint can be considered as a forward thinking organization. As a result, they embrace the emerging and innovative technologies to deliver the best possible service for their subscribers. Apart from home automation, Vivint is in the process of promoting roof solar systems. In fact, they are trying to become the best rooftop solar system provider in the country. Since it is a well-established company, they don’t have any financial issues when focusing on such innovative projects.

Customer Support

Vivint offers an excellent customer support for their subscribers. In fact, they made some significant changes in the customer support service to offer the best possible service for their customers. They also have all the useful information in their website as tutorials. You can simply go through them on your own and get to know about the system. You can contact the Vivint customer support via live chat, phone or email. The customer support agents are helpful and you will be able to clarify the doubts and issues that you have in your mind within a short period of time.

Final Words

As you can see, Vivint is one of the top contending home security service providers out there. The service offered by Vivint is marked at a reasonable price tag.  All the components are covered by a lifetime warranty while you are under a valid contract. Therefore, any person can think of getting a Vivint home security system installed without a doubt on mind.

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