VueZone System with 2 Indoor Motion Detection Cameras

A common misconception regarding home security systems is that you have to pay a lot of money to get a good one. This may be true for a lot of systems, but the fact of the matter is if you know where to look, there are plenty of great systems out there for sale that you aren’t going to have break the bank to buy. A perfect example of this is the VueZone System with 2 Indoor Motion Detector Cameras. Here, you get the security and quality of a camera-based home security system, all without having to pay the price that is typically associated with buying these products. This makes this package the ideal choice for anyone who is on a strict budget but still doesn’t want to get a second-rate home security system.


So how exactly does the VueZone system work? One of the reason why it is such a great design is that it is so simple and minimal. The simple design of the VueZone has many far-reaching benefits, but the most important of them would be the fact that it makes installation a breeze. While most home security systems may take hours to set up with fancy software to install and dozens of wires to hide, the VueZone System does none of that, and as a result it is an installation that can be done in literally minutes.

The cameras that are used by the VueZone system are incredibly small, and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. This helps when you are choosing a place to put them, because they can go just about anywhere. On top of that, they are actually motion-activated cameras that only start recording when something enters the field of vision. This may seem like an unnecessary addition to the system, but it is a valuable way to prevent needlessly recording nothing.

You can also have the option of adding as many of these wireless cameras as you want. The original package will come with just two, which in most cases will be more than enough. But if you are looking to add a little more beef to your security, you can add more cameras, and they won’t be any less simple to install than the ones that came with the package.


All cameras for this home security system are completely and totally wireless, so there is obviously a limited range within which they can be operated, but having said that most homes will have no problems operating within the specified range for the product. These cameras also run on batteries, so routinely changing them out is going to be a must for anyone with this system.

In conclusion the Vuezone System is a great way to provide some home security with the power of cameras, but without having to pay the exorbitantly high price that is common with most surveillance systems. And as we have stated before, the great thing about this specific system is that it is so easy to use and operate; literally anyone can use it. If you are interested in something more advanced take a look at some of our other home security systems reviews.